Asia Economic Community Forum 2022

 I. Asia Economic Community Foundation


Asia Economic Community Foundation


Park, Jehoon


September 30, 2008

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade(No. 601)

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14-325, 119 Academy-ro,Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

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 II. Asia Economic Community Forum 2022

   1. Outline


Asia Economic Community Forum 2022

Date / Venue

Nov. 4(Thu.) to Nov. 5(Fri), 2022 [2days] / Orakai Sondo Park Hotel Incheon, Korea

 Orakai Sondo Park Hotel  


Creating One Asia Together

2022 Theme

Existential Global Threats: Challenges to Asia and the Global Economy


Academics, Universities, Research Institutes, Governments, Politicians, CEOs


- To integrate the Asian region or to formulate an Asian community. Coping with the global trend of regionalism and block formation, Asia also needs the formation of an integrated regional community as its long-term counter-measure.

- Having academics as a center, leaders of various areas such as politics, business and society-culture will produce practical outcomes at this Forum in a variety of forms including periodicals or separate books.

- To be a place to learn the main current trends of world economy as well as the updated research outputs regarding Asian issues since renowned research institutes and academic associations of economics and Asian matters throughout the world will participate in this Forum by presenting their valuable research findings.

Hosted by

Asia Economic Community Foundation(AECF)

Organized by

Asia Economic Community Forum Organizing Committee

Northeast Asia Development Institute(NADI), Incheon National University

Institute for Unification and Integration, Incheon National University

Northeast Asia Intellectuals’ Solidarity(NAIS)

Association for Comparative Economic Studies(ACES)

Korean Association for Comparative Economic Studies(KACES)

Society for the Study of Emerging Markets(SSEM)

The Japanese Society for Comparative Economic Studies(JSCES)

Institute for Family Ecological Convergence(IFEC)


Ministry of Foreign Affair

Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat

Incheon Metropolitan City

Incheon Tourism Organization

Incheon National University(INU)

Ban Ki-Moon Centre for Global Citizens



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