Recruiting 5th 2021 AECF Youth CommitteeKorean




Asia Economic Community Foundation (AECF) is a non-profit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-affiliated organization, which aims at constructing youth network abroad for building Asia economic community with future protagonists as the center, the today’s youth. As the youth committee has been established since June 2017, we have actively designed and promoted various multinational youth interchange programs including MAU (Model Asian Union) and AECF (Asia Economic Community Forum)





1. We help preparing for AECF (Asia Economic Community Forum) held in November, which more than 1000 researchers will participate in and plan fruitful events for academic exchange.

2. Actively encourage constructing youth-network and suggest direction of Asia development & economic integration on the basis of each committee member’s interest through seminar and forum.

3. By hosting and participating in MAU and conferences, we discuss the direction of identity of Asia community with other participants.


  Department (For specific roles of each department, consult the link attached below.)



1. Planning Division: Prioritize applicants highly fluent in English and who have experiences of managing programs

2. External Cooperation Division: Prioritize applicants highly fluent both in English speaking and writing

3. Public Relations Division: Prioritize applicants who actively manage SNS channel

  Planning Division & External Cooperation Division will have short English interview.


  Application Deadline: Until 2/5(Wed) 23:59pm


  Eligibility : Any undergraduate or graduate students interested in international affairs and building Asia community


  Applicants with fluency in English


  How to Apply :


Submit your application to 으로 지원서 제출 (File name: Applicant_affiliation_4th),Application form is attached below.


  Working Period : 2020 March ~ 2020 February


  Meeting and seminar will be held in Seoul, on Sundays.

  Exact date and venue of meeting and seminar can be adjusted in youth committee.


  Interview Date : 2020 2/8(Sat) ~ 2/9(Sun), From 13:00 to 16:00


  Interview Location : To be announced in accordance with first successful candidates


  Orientation : 2020 2/23(Sat) 15:00pm




1. Supports attendance of participating in 2020 AECF (Asia Economic Community Forum)(Provide accommodations of Sheraton Hotel in Incheon)

2. Offer Certificate of Intern (In case of at least 80% of participating in activities)

3. Support expenses for food and activity